Ken Ten WEB DESIGN Union City TN Mayfield KYOur prices will be quoted up front if we price your site by the job. If you would rather us work by the hour, we charge $75 per hour that we work on your web site. There are many variables for web site designs. We really must talk to you first to find out what you are wanting for your web site before we could give you an accurate cost. Please fill out this form and we will be glad to give you a no strings attached proposal with a cost for for your site.


Some of the variables discussed earlier are:

  1. How many pages?
  2. How many graphics, photos, or multimedia?
    1. Do you have the graphics, photos, or multimedia you want to use?
    2. Do we make and or provide all graphics, photos, or multimedia used?
  3. Types of pages?
  4. Will you need databases?
  5. Will you need forms?
  6. Do you want an ecommerce site? (do you want to sell something)
  7. Do you want us to maintain your site or just build it?
  8. Do you want your site backed-up regularly?
  9. SEO services (this is how you will rank with popular search engines.
  10. Do you need training to maintain your site?
  11. Time frame for your site to be finished. Do you need it yesterday or is time not an issue.

All these questions and more will need to be answered before a price can be quoted. Remember you will tell us how you want your site to look, feel and work! Our goal is to give YOU a professional site for the lowest price possible. Web Hosting

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