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Although this page title is Page Types, there are really only two page type categories, static and dynamic. There are several different bells and whistles you can display on your web site. We will try to explain some of them here.

Static pages

Static pages are just what they say they are. They are static. They always look the same (unless you change them). These pages have very little interactivity with the user. There are a lot of static pages on the web. They can look good and meet the needs of many web site design goals. They are easier and cheaper to make than all the rest of the pages.

Dynamic Pages

Dynamic pages are more complicated to make, but they can have allot of interaction with the user. For example, if you wanted to display some pictures on your home page, you could show a different picture every time someone visited you site. Dynamic pages are also pages that have forms, e-commerce sites, use databases, etc.

Flash Pages

Flash is one of those bells and whistles we were talking about earlier. Flash is actually a movie file. It could be the whole page or only a portion of a page. To view flash files the browser must have the add-on and the user must allow it to run. Flash is very neat, but not all browsers or users will show or want to show it. To view an example click KEN TEN WEB DESIGN FLASH EXAMPLE. Web Hosting

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